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Low Density of Compacted Specimens

“The density of my compacted specimens are low.  What might be the problem?” A Potential Solution Check the specimen diameter setting on your machine if you are using a Pine AFGC125X, AFG1, or an AFG2.    The AFGC125X can be set at 150 mm or 100 mm.  The AFG1 and the AFG2 allow for 150 mm,…

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My G2 is Making a Grinding Noise

“I’m hearing a grinding sound during compaction.  It seems to be coming from the ram foot / base plate area.  I have a Pine AFG2 gyratory compactor.  Any idea what might be causing that?” A Potential Cause A grinding noise during compaction coming from the ram foot area on an AFG2 indicates improper lubrication of…

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G2 Error Code

“I was compacting a specimen with our AFG2 when the machine just stopped.  Upon investigation, I discovered an error code on the display.  What do I do now?” An Explanation The Pine AFG125X, AFG1, and AFG2 Gyratory Compactors all have error diagnostics programmed into the control software that help identify the root cause when a…

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