Digital Marshall Test Press

 A Digital Marshall Test Press

Part Number AF850TD


Capture, store, and plot Test Press data with ease using the new Pine Digital Marshall Test.

  • All data is captured electronically (no paper or pens).
  • All data can be transferred to a computer via a USB flash drive.
  • Includes an Excel workbook for Marshall, TSR, and IDEAL-CT test results.
  • Data for the last 20 tests is stored internally.
  • Peak Stability and associated Flow are displayed at the end of a test.
  • Data can be plotted in real-time on a PC.
  • Loads from 0 to 10,000 lbs. are run on one range (no range switch).
  • Flow Resolution:  0.000244 inches (0.006 mm)
  • Stability Resolution:  0.33 lb F (1.48 N)

Standards Compliance:

  • AASHTO T245
  • AASHTO T283
  • ASTM D6927
  • ASTM Work Item WK60859 IDEAL-CT
850 digital press


 120 VAC, 6 Amp, 60 Hz, 1 ph1/4 HP Motor

 Shipping Weight

 Approximately 250 lbs (114 kg)


 27" L x 15" D x 32" H


 2" per minute travel

 2.75" total travel available (limited to 3/8")

 6.5 square inches platen surface

 10.75" clearance between rods

 9.5" maximum vertical clearance

 6.75" minimum vertical clearance

 Operating Temperature

 55-95 °F

 Specimen Size

 4 and 6" Diameter

  (with the appropriate breaking head)

 Data Acquisition

 Records Stability and Flow about 40 times per second

 Saves test data for the last 20 tests to internal flash memory

 Output Parameters

 Comma-delimited format compatible with MicroSoft Excel®:  time, stability, flow

 Test Specification


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