Digital Recorder Kit for 850 Test Press

Upgrade Kits Available

Part # AK850DR


It's pretty easy to replace that old paper-and-pen recorder on your 850 Test Press.  Here are a few features of the digital recorder that we think you'll like.

    • All data is captured electronically (no paper or pens).
    • All data can be transferred to a computer via a USB flash drive.
    • Includes Excel workbooks for Marshall and TSR test results.
    • Data for the last 20 tests is stored internally.
    • Peak Stability and associated Flow are displayed at the end of a test.
    • Loads from 0 to 10,000 lbs. are run on one range (no range switch). 
    • Flow Resolution:  0.000244 inches (0.006 mm)
    • Stability Resolution:  0.33 lb F (1.48 N)

Standards Compliance:

  • AASHTO T245
  • AASHTO T283
  • ASTM D6927
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