Rapid Angle Measurement (RAM) Kit

Internal Angle Measurement

Pine Test Equipment's AFLS1 Rapid Angle Measurement (RAM) device provides for the efficient, safe measurement of the internal angle of gyration in Superpave gyratory compactors according to AASHTO T344.  Be confident your gyratory is compacting at the correct internal angle of gyration.


Load Simulation

A patented loading method simulates the forces applied to a gyratory compactor frame from within the mold, which provides consistent frame loading with reproducible angle measurements.  This approach also lets one evaluate the performance of an SGC at different tilting moments by changing the radius (eccentricity) of the contact rings on each end of the RAM. As the eccentricity increases, the applied internal moment increases. The RAM is supplied with integrated 22mm eccentric (44mm diameter) loading rings for typical AASHTO T344 internal angle measurements and a pair of 32mm eccentric (64mm diameter) loading rings for calibrating compactors equipped with shear instrumentation.

RAM Rapid Angle Measurement Device

Fast. Simple. Safe.

  • No Computer:  The instrument is self-contained with push button controls and a display screen. Turn on the device.  Gyrate it inside the mold.  Extrude it.  And, read the result on the display.  No test data is stored.
  • No Asphalt Mix:  This minimizes the possibility that asphalt debris will affect angle measurement. 

  • Completed at Room Temperature:  Pine strongly recommends internal angle measurements be made at room temperature.  Measurements can be made at elevated temperatures but doing so may damage the unit's electronics.

  • NIST-Traceable Verification & Calibration:  AASHTO T344 requires that a RAM be verified before each use.  A RAM kit includes a calibration tube, which is used to verify the RAM.  The tube is certified for one year, which provides a NIST-traceable standard.  The RAM has wear parts that should be inspected periodically depending on how often it is used.  Contact Pine Test Equipment at 724-458-6393 to have your tube recertified and your RAM serviced.


Pine is licensed to sell the AFLS1 in the United States and Canada only.



The AFLS1 performs in compliance with AASHTO T344 and ASTM D7115.


3 Volt, Lithium coin-type batteries (CR2450, 3 required)


Instrument: 150 mm OD X 123.5 mm H


520 mm 444 mm X 203 mm (20.5” X 17.5” X 8.0”)


Instrument: 6.4 kg (14 lbs.)l   Instrument & Case: 16 kg (35 lbs.)


Built-in digital display

Measurement Range: 

0.40º to 2.0º

Temperature Range: 

18ºC to 40ºC


Thoroughly clean the gyratory compactor, the molds, the end plates, and the RAM kit before measuring the internal angle.  Clean the RAM and the calibration tube by wiping them with WD-40.


Annual factory service of the RAM and calibration tube are recommended given the effect of internal angle on test specimens and its known importance for repeatability and reproduceability.  AASHTO T344 specifies annual verification of the calibration tube.  Wear parts on the RAM device warrant regular inspection depending on use frequency.  Call Pine Test Equipment at 724-458-6393 for certification and service.


Lubricate the surfaces of the RAM that contact a mold while it is measuring the internal angle of gyration each time the RAM is used.


Inspect molds carefully prior to measuring the internal angle.  Molds or end plates that have excessive wear, are deformed, or have gouges may affect the resulting measurements.

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