We’ve put together a list of video resources to help you operate and maintain your equipment.  Can’t find what you need?  Let us know and we’ll work on more resources.  In the meantime, get early access to any new “how-to” videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel today.

Lubricating a 125X

Learn how to lubricate a Pine 125X gyratory compactor.

Lubricating a G1

Learn how to lubricate your G1.

Lubricating a G2

Learn how to lubricate a G2.

Changing Specimen Size

Learn how to change specimen size frequently.

Uncrating a G2

Be safe!  Learn how to uncrate the G2 safely.

Lubricating a GB1

Learn how to lubricate the Brovold (GB1) Gyratory Compactor.

Uncrating a GB1

Learn how to safely uncrate the Brovold (GB1) Gyratory Compactor.

AIMS Demonstration

Learn how the AIMS device works.

Microscope Replacement

Learn how to remove and reinstall the microscope on an AIMS device.

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