Marshall Compactor


Smooth and long-lasting asphalt roadways begin with the asphalt design and the quality control measures of the asphalt mix.  Using the most reliable equipment to meet the AASHTO standard begins with Pine Test Equipment.  Pine’s Marshall and Superpave asphalt testing machines are known around the world.  We began our journey of serving the asphalt paving industry with the Pine AF750 Marshall test press in the 1960’s.  Today, more than 50 years later, our product line has grown to include two Marshall compactors and two unique lines of Superpave gyratory compactors – the G2 and the GB1.

Focused on quality control, Pine offers other asphalt-related products that include the Rapid Angle Measurement (RAM) device, standard Marshall and Lottman breaking heads, load rings, height blocks, load cells, height tubes, a Bond Strength Shear Test Fixture, and mold measurement tools.  All of Pine’s products are well-engineered, well-built, and well-supported.  Pine has a dedicated team of technicians and specialists to provide both pre and post-sale service.