Call us to discuss whether ISO 17025-Certified Calibration is required for your tools.  Pine provides ISO 17025-Certified Calibrations and non-ISO 17025-Certified Calibrations.

Calibration Intervals for Pine Calibration Tools:

Calibration Tool Re-Certification Interval
5,000-lb. Proving Ring 24 months *
Height Blocks 24 months *
Height Tube 24 months *
Load Cell & Meter System 12 months for the first re-certification **
24 months for all subsequent re-certifications *
Rapid Angle Measurement Instrument 12 months ***
* AASHTO R18 does not specify the re-certification interval for measurement standards.  Therefore, AASHTO accepts the manufacturer’s recommendation, which is 24 months.
** Pine recommends a 12-month re-certification period for the Load Cell & Meter System because of the electronics involved.
*** AASHTO T344 Section 9 specifies factory calibration at 12-month intervals that includes “verification of the static angle gauge with a NIST-traceable measurement system” and “verification of the angle measurement instrument”.