100-mm G2 Mold Top

Part # ACG2R28

A 100-mm G2 Mold Top comes with a 100-mm G2 Conversion Kit and is available as a replacement part.

Available Factory Direct

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The 100-mm G2 Mold Top acts as the top end plate in the mold assembly when compacting 100-mm specimens with Pine’s G2 Superpave Gyratory Compactor.  Pine’s 100-mm Conversion Kit for the G2 includes a 100-mm G2 Mold Top and a 100-mm ram foot.

Replacement mold tops are available for purchase when a mold top no longer meets the end plate requirements specified by AASHTO T 312 Annex A.  Purchase of this mold top does not include the handle, which can be transferred from one mold top to another.

The 100-mm G2 Mold top only works with a G2.  It is not interchangeable with a G1 mold top.