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Choosing the correct USB flash stick for your Pine equipment

Pine offers two types of USB flash sticks for data storage. Both are fully compatible with personal computers, but each is intended for use in specific equipment manufactured by Pine. RCUSBDE The current version of this product is formatted with FAT32 in 4 KB clusters and has a total size of 2 GB. Viewed in…

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Data transfer errors with USB flash stick

Are you getting an error on your flash stick when trying to transfer PINE equipment test data to it?  You might be quick to blame the machines when these issues arise.  However, it just might be (and usually is) the flash stick itself.  It can be complicated to diagnose issues based on the various PINE…

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YouTube to the Rescue

There is little argument on how the digital world has drastically changed our lives.  When we travel, we are more likely to use digital maps rather than those large folded paper ones.  At our fingertips, we instantly have access to copious amounts of information.  These digital tools that we all use today are fast, easy…

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