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Low Density of Compacted Specimens

“The density of my compacted specimens are low.  What might be the problem?” A Potential Solution Check the specimen diameter setting on your machine if you are using a Pine AFGC125X, AFG1, or an AFG2.    The AFGC125X can be set at 150 mm or 100 mm.  The AFG1 and the AFG2 allow for 150 mm,…

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Line Conditioner Recommended

Pine recommends using a line conditioner with all 120 volt variants of the AFG1 and AFG2 gyratory compactors.  These include AFG1A, AFG1AS, AFG2A, and AFG2AS. What is a Line Conditioner? A line conditioner is an electrical device that automatically responds to limited over- and under-voltages that would otherwise adversely affect operation of your machine.  Approximately…

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Changing the Batteries in a G1

What kind of reminder or habit do you have for remembering to change the battery in your fire alarm?  Maybe you do it January 1st every year.  Maybe you put a reminder on your calendar.  However you do it, you realize the importance of having a good battery in place and you have developed some kind…

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