100-mm Mold Assembly for the 125X

(includes top and base plates)

Part # AFGCM100


Available Factory Direct

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Pine’s 100-mm Mold Assembly for the Pine 125X Superpave Gyratory Compactor provides for compacting 100-mm specimen.  A 100-mm mold assembly includes a mold, a top plate, and a bottom plate.

Individual plates are available to replace damaged or out-of-specification end plates.

Proper Mold Top & Base Plate Orientation

A mold plate is correctly placed in a mold when the dull spot in the center of the plate, a pocket, faces away from the asphalt material.   The beveled edge on the circumference of the plate also faces away from the asphalt material when a plate is properly positioned.

The Impact of an Improperly Oriented Mold Plate

  • Installing the mold plate incorrectly with the pocket towards the material may cause the plate to bind against the mold and reduce the amount of pressure applied to the asphalt material.   This may affect specimen density.
  • Installing the mold top plate incorrectly with the smooth face towards the ram foot may impact the angle of gyration if excess lubricant or debris are present.  This may affect specimen density.

The Purpose of the Beveled Edge

The beveled edge prevents binding between the mold plate and the mold wall when the angle of gyration is induced during compaction.

The Purpose of the Pocket

  • A pocket allows space for excess grease and debris to collect.
  • A pocket offsets the impact of a crowned ram foot or gyratory head surface.

No Pocket in Your Mold Plates?

Pockets can be machined into existing mold plates that do not have pockets.  Call +1.724.458.6393.