100-mm Mold Base Plate

(included with mold assembly)

Part # ACGCM100B


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Proper Mold Base Plate Orientation:

The mold base plate is shown upside down to display the pocket (the dull spot in the center of the plate).  The mold base plate is in the mold properly when the pocket faces the rotating carriage base and the smooth surface faces the asphalt material.


The Purpose of the Pocket:

  • A pocket allows space for excess grease and debris to collect.
  • A pocket offsets the impact of a carriage base.

The Impact of an Improperly Oriented Mold Base Plate:

  • Installing the base plate upside down, the pocket towards the asphalt and the smooth face towards the carriage base, will cause the height measurements to be incorrect leading to higher density and lower air voids in a specimen.
  • Excess lubricant and debris between the carriage base and the mold base plate with no pocket to escape into may impact the angle of gyration, which may affect specimen density.

No Pocket in Your Mold Base Plates?

Pockets can be machined into existing mold base plates that do not have pockets.