GB1 3.6V Lithium Mitsubishi Replacement Battery


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Pine GB1 Brovold Superpave Gyratory Compactors with serial numbers lower than 5816 use the GB1 3.6V Lithium Mitsubishi Battery.


Pine’s Recommendation

  • Change the PLC battery every 6 years on machines with serial numbers less than 5425.
  • Change PLC the battery every 3 years on machines with serials numbers 5426 through 5816.


Dead Battery Consequences

The consequences of a dead battery with an A-Series PLC are that the operating software is corrupted and the PLC must be (1) shipped back to Pine for reprogramming, (2) replaced with a different CPU, or (3) reprogrammed by a 3rd-party technician if one can do it.


Shipping Restrictions

These batteries can only be shipped via ground transportation because of the lithium they contain.