Water Bath Temperature Probe

Part # ACCTE07 (up to CTE System serial number 103204)

Part # ACCTE16 (after CTE System serial number 130204)


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Pine’s Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Measurement System cycles water temperature in a bath between 10 °C and 50 °C as required by AASHTO T 336.  The Water Bath Temperature Probe measures the temperature of the water in the water bath with an accuracy of ±0.1°C but it does not control temperature.  The system controls temperature using a probe in the circulator.

Pine’s system accommodates a four (4)-probe configuration as well.  When using four probes, the system uses the average temperature of the probes as the test temperature.

Purchase of a Pine CTE Measurement System includes one (1) water bath temperature probe.  Individual probes are available for purchase to replace failed probes or add probes to a system.