Pine 125X Electronic Control System Upgrade

You have a Pine 125X.  You LOVE your Pine 125X.  But after many years of faithful service you find that electronic repair parts are no longer available, rendering your 125X obsolete.   It looks like it’s the end of the road for your trusty old friend.  It’s brain-dead and the time has come to pull the plug. 

But wait!  Now you have a choice.   You can trade in your 125X on a new Pine AFG2 or AFGB compactor, OR you can keep your old faithful 125X and replace the electronic controls with an updated, modern control system.

Many components of the electronic control system in the 125X have become obsolete and impossible to obtain in recent years.  We have completely redesigned the control system, replacing the original system with modern parts that are readily available today.  Not only will this new system replace your old system giving you many more years of service, it will also add useful features that were simply not possible with the legacy hardware. 

This upgrade will modernize the 125X and allow it to be maintained, repaired, and utilized for the next 20+ years. 

Added Features

  • Stores data from 20 compaction tests internally (only 5 were stored with the old hardware)
  • Calibration data is now stored in flash memory.  No batteries are required to maintain calibration data.  Calibration data can now be saved and restored via a USB flash drive.  With these features you’ll never lose your calibration data again.
  • Machine setup data is retained in flash memory.
  • Specimen Diameter setting is now more difficult to change inadvertently.
  • USB Data Port allows test data to be saved to a USB flash drive (the ability to transmit test data via the serial port is retained).
  • USB  Printer Port – Interfaces with modern PCL Printers
  • Future upgrades to the machine control firmware can applied via a USB flash drive.

The machine retains the ease of use and the exact look-and-feel to which you have grown accustomed.

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