Growing Business Outside Our Borders

Identifying and utilizing resources in any organization can be daunting especially when there is a lack of awareness or understanding of such resources.  Companies often find success when demonstrating open-mindedness and embracing change.  With communication and logistic advancements, many companies can easily export product outside the country’s borders.  But how exactly is this done?  Where do companies begin when looking to export? And to which countries should they export?  These questions and a lot more research is required before embarking on an international export venture.  Our trusted friend, Google, is where many turn when searching for information.  Some information is good, accurate, and helpful while other is not.  

Pennsylvania companies are fortunate to have incredible resources that support small businesses pursuing international trade.  The Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development’s Office of International Business Development and local economic development districts provide the professional and much needed guidance for international needs.  With more than 95% of the worlds population and 80% of the world’s purchasing power outside of the United States, conducting business internationally can result in great economic impact and growth.  But it is up to the companies to recognize that international trade may be an option and they then must reach out to their local development districts like the Pennsylvania Northwest Commission for assistance.   

Pine Test Equipment, LLC has been selling their gyratory compactors and aggregate products internationally for decades.  And on the surface, the PA International Trade Resources may seem unnecessary based on the company’s success abroad.  However, Pine Test Equipment recognizes that opportunities beyond their knowledge do exist and they welcome any information that may support international growth.  

On September 14th and 15th, representatives from Pine Test Equipment, LLC and Pine Research, Inc. welcomed and met with Pennsylvania Authorized Trade Representatives from around the world.  Specific countries were of particular interest based on products, services, infrastructure and development.  Pennsylvania offers one of the strongest international marketing programs in the country and the 34 companies who attended the #BTW2PA event in northwestern PA would clearly attest.  

Pine Test Equipment, LLC and Pine Research, Inc. would like to thank the Northwest Commission and the Pennsylvania DCED International Trade Office for their role in helping businesses grow internationally.  We recognize and value the partners who collaboratively planned the “Bringing the world to PA” event and the resources required to successfully cover all 65 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in two weeks.   

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