The Pine G1 Controls Upgrade Kit

Your Pine G1 Gyratory Compactor has served you well.  It’s been reliable.  When you needed it, it performed.  It’s been durable.  The oldest machines are approaching 20 years of service.  Your lab technicians know the machine well.  It’s feels like an old friend.

But what just happened?  The machine went dead.  Your efforts to revive it failed.  You call Pine and, after some diagnostic efforts, you hear the dreaded diagnosis.  The machine is mechanically sound, but the CPU has failed.

Now what?  Is there any hope for your old friend?

The CPU in your G1 is obsolete, but that’s not the end of the story.  Pine saw this problem coming.  We have a solution ready—a G1 Controls Upgrade.  The G1 Controls Upgrade includes a new “brain” and a new control panel, both of which are currently used on the Pine G2.

Do you get any new features with the upgrade?  No.  The value of the upgrade is the extended life it allows for a mechanically sound by “brain dead” G1.

What are your options?  (1) Trade in your “dead” G1 on a new Pine G2 or GB1 Brovold Gyratory Compactor.  Or, (2) have a Pine Field Service Technician install a G1 Controls Upgrade Kit.  Either option will get you back up and running with the high quality equipment, technical support, and service you expect from Pine.

Call Pine today at +1.724.458.6393 to learn more about the Pine G1 Controls Upgrade Kit.

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