G1 Floppy Drive Upgrade Kit

The 3.5” floppy drive was state-of-the-art data management technology when the G1 was developed in the mid 1990’s.  The 3.5” floppy drive allows a G1 user to save test data electronically.  It provides an electronic calibration data backup for cases of CPU failure or calibration blunders.  It affords a user the means to retrieve diagnostic data from the machine and email it to Pine to assist Technical Support in efficiently troubleshooting the machine.  The 3.5” floppy drive was truly a value-added feature.

Fast forward about 20 years to today and progress in the world of computing and data management has made 3.5” floppy drives almost irrelevant, a relic of the past.  What will you do when you need to move test data, calibration data, or diagnostic data electronically for your G1?  The data is of limited value if you cannot move it.

  • Do you have a working 3.5” floppy disk?  The floppy drive and the data in the G1 provide you little value if you have no disk.
  • Do you know where you can buy a 3.5” floppy disk if you don’t have one?  Few retailers carry them.
  • Do you have a computer with a 3.5” floppy drive available to you?  You will be unable to email Pine Technical Support a diagnostic file that may help in the quick resolution of your problem if you have no computer that accepts a floppy disk.

Pine addresses this challenge with USB Floppy Drive Upgrade Kit.  The Kit emulates a 3.5” floppy disk using a specially formatted USB stick as its data storage medium.

The Kit is easy to install.  Disconnect the ribbon cable from the floppy drive.  Remove the 3.5” floppy drive.  Install the Kit in the space vacated by the floppy drive.  Connect the ribbon cable from the Kit.  No programming changes or upgrades are required.

One important note is to only use the Pine-provided, specially formatted USB stick.  This stick is formatted like a 3.5” floppy disk, which makes the G1 think it is writing to a 3.5” floppy disk.  The standard USB sticks available for purchase from many sources will not work with this kit.

Be proactive!  Don’t get caught needing to use the electronic data on your G1 but having no 3.5” floppy disk or no computer that will accept a 3.5” floppy disk.  Call Pine today at +1.724.458.6393 and get a USB Floppy Drive Upgrade Kit on its way or schedule a Pine Field Service Technician to install it for your

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