Technical Bulletin 071918S: The Calibration Checking Set

Technical Bulletin 071918S:  The Calibration Checking Set


The intent of this bulletin is to clarify the designated purpose of Pine’s AFCS25 Calibration Checking Set.

The Calibration Checking Set:

The Calibration Checking Set spring was designed as a tool for verifying the operation of a Pine Test Press in the 2,500 lb. range.  This tool is comprised of two elements.  1) A machined spring and cap that are uniquely serialized.  2) A chart paper plot that includes two reference lines for the noted spring.   The reference lines represent an area roughly 175 lbs. around the original spring plot. (Pine keeps the original spring plot on file)

The Meaning of a Spring Chart Plot:

  1. A plot that falls close to the center of the two reference lines implies that the machine is operating approximately as it should.
  2. A plot that falls near or outside the reference lines, above or below, may indicate one or more of the following issues.
    • The load cell requires recalibration.
    • The recorder system is experiencing a mechanical error or failure.
    • The reference line chart paper copy being utilized is faulty.

Please contact Pine’s Help Desk for assistance, +1.724.458.6393.

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