Changing the Battery in a G2

What kind if reminder or habit do you have for remembering to change the battery in your fire alarm?  Maybe you do it January 1st every year.  Maybe you put a reminder on your calendar.  However you do it, you realize the importance of having a good battery in place and you have developed some kind of method to make sure it happens.

Well guess what!  Changing the battery in your gyratory compactor is important too.  Identify what is recommended for your machine and make sure it gets done.  It can save you headaches down the road.

The Pine AFG2 Gyratory Compactor

The Pine AFG2 Gyratory Compactor uses a 10-year battery eliminating the need for regular replacement.  If battery power is lost, date and time will be reset, but no data or calibration parameters will be lost.  Contact Pine if you think your battery needs replaced.

Figure 1:  Pine AFG2 Gyratory Compactor.

What Does Pine Recommend?

  1. Know what kind of gyratory compactor you have.
  2. Know what battery your gyratory compactor uses.
  3. Know the recommended replacement timeframe for that battery.
  4. Develop a reminder or a habit to make sure the battery gets changed as recommended.

Want to Learn More?

Click here to learn more about the G2.

Visit our website with one of our specialists at 724-458-6393.

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