YouTube to the Rescue

There is little argument on how the digital world has drastically changed our lives.  When we travel, we are more likely to use digital maps rather than those large folded paper ones.  At our fingertips, we instantly have access to copious amounts of information.  These digital tools that we all use today are fast, easy and by most accounts, accurate.   As manufacturers, they’ve become gamechangers in reaching customers and providing support.

One resource that Pine Test Equipment has incorporated into its customer-centric arsenal is their Pine Test Equipment YouTube Channel.  Organized playlists help customers find specific videos for their application and machine.  Videos can range anywhere from ‘how to properly uncrate the machine’ to general maintenance/lubrication to simplifying the compaction process when frequently changing specimen sizes.  New videos are constantly being added.  The PINE team even takes customer requests for video content that is relative and helpful.

If your lab has Pine Test Equipment machines, encourage users to subscribe to the channel.  Why? Well, there are two main reasons.  First, subscribers will get quick access to the channel.  The “Subscriptions” tab (found on the left of any YouTube user’s channel) catalogues all of their subscriptions – making it quick, easy and convenient to find the channel.  Secondly, subscribing is the only way users will get alerts of new videos.  Otherwise, they’ll be forced to periodically check back to the channel….and who really wants to do that?

Customer care is embedded into the PINE culture.  The company continuously seeks to improve its customer experience with PINE’s machines.  In a 24/7 world, one of the best tools to provide customer support is through helpful videos.  Currently the channel consists of playlists for the 125x, G1, G2, and GB(Brovold) Gyratory Compactors.  Users will also find videos on verifying the RAM’s calibration before measuring internal angles, proper shipping inspection of equipment and what to do if your machine arrives damaged, among others.

Whether you’re with the DOT, a research lab, contractor or a casual user of PINE’s asphalt testing equipment, we value your business and strive to deliver superior products and service.  Check out Pine’s channel.  Help us to make it better through video-content suggestions that will help you, your team, and probably other users.  So, go ahead –  Email us with your suggestions.  We welcome them and thank you in advance for submitting them.

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