Data transfer errors with USB flash stick

Are you getting an error on your flash stick when trying to transfer PINE equipment test data to it?  You might be quick to blame the machines when these issues arise.  However, it just might be (and usually is) the flash stick itself.  It can be complicated to diagnose issues based on the various PINE machines and the specific models.  PINE’s technical support team suggests that the best place to start is with the flash stick itself.

There is a tool available within Windows that might be able to resolve and repair the issue.  This USB flash stick error tutorial will help walk you through the repair process.


    • that your flash stick is compatible with the machine.  Products provided by PINE are known to be compatible with each other.
    • that the flash stick wasn’t accidently reformatted.

If the problem with transferring data to your flash stick continues, please call PINE’s Help Desk for more assistance (724) 458-6393.

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