Rotary Wheel Tester (RWT)

Part # AFW1A

Premiere Asphalt Rut Testing

Look no further – this rotary wheel tester is faster and easier to use than any other on the market.   Performance tested by the City of Los Angeles, this machine produces consistent and repeatable results for more accurate predictability.

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What makes this test easier to evaluate your asphalt mixture?  It does not require special specimen fabrication, cutting or gluing of instrumentation to the specimens.

Los Angeles Accelerated Performance Test:

The City of LA acquired an early RWT and they liked what it provided them.  The city used it to develop The Los Angeles Accelerated Rutting Test Method for permanent deformation and moisture susceptibility.  After spending a decade refining the test, the City of LA wrote it into their specifications.  Learn more about how the City of LA accelerated Superpave Field Performance Tests compliments of AsphaltPro.

The test uses a standard Superpave gyratory specimen.  After compaction, it is cooled for at least 12 hours to ambient temperature, then wrapped in polyethylene stretch wrap and pre-conditioned for 2 hours in water at 60°C.   It is then ready for the machine to run the test.

The results of a test are rut depth and number of cycles.  The City of Los Angeles developed a table indicating the acceptable rut depth/cycle count combinations for various traffic loading situations.  The City uses the test results to evaluate the quality of a mix based on the traffic loading where the material was placed.

An ASTM standard test procedure is currently in process as part of Work Item WK64299.