125x Gyratory Compactor

Part # AFGC125X


This iconic machine saw its last production in 2005.  Decades later, many of them are still testing asphalt in labs throughout the country.  Although no longer in production, the 125x still receives service, support and repair options by Pine Test Equipment’s team.  Interested in selling yours?  Just give us a call.

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Performance & Support

The 125x was Pine’s original gyratory compactor and has a solid performance record with many machines still operating in many labs around the world.   This model was in production from 1994 through 2005.  Although, now out of production, this  machine is still fully supported and serviced by Pine.  With an extensive inventory of repair parts, Pine Test Equipment is prepared to help you keep your 125x running.

Electronic Controls Upgrade

Is your machine running fine mechanically, but has electronic problems?  Why not extend the life of your 125x with an electronic controls upgrade?  Yes, you can now resuscitate a brain-dead (but mechanically sound) 125x with a controls upgrade kit which comes with a USB port to move data on and off the machine easier.

Standards Compliance

AASHTO T 312          ASTM D6925




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Part Number

Part Description


150-mm Mold Anti-Rotation Cog (on the mold)


100-mm Mold Anti-Rotation Cog (on the mold)


Swivel Caster Set (set of 4)


Specimen Extruder