Marshall Compactor Counter Replacement

“My Pine Marshall Compactor is old, real old, but it still works.  Except for the counter that is.  It doesn’t work right any more.  Can this be fixed?”

Yes, of course it can be fixed.  Pine prides itself in supporting our equipment for the long haul.  We sell a digital Marshall Compactor Counter Replacement for installation on all Pine Marshall Compactors.

The New Digital Counter

Pine has been making Marshall Compactors for decades.  Several iterations of the machine exist because of the evolution of technology during that time.  The new digital Marshall Compactor Counter Replacement is the same for all machines, but different parts are required to make the system functional depending on the vintage you own.

The Machine You Have

Knowing the counter technology currently on your machine is necessary for acquiring the correct replacement.  Use this page on our website for visual guidance to make identifying the correct replacement part easy.

What Does Pine Recommend?

  1. Identify the Digital Counter part number that you need using the visual guidance provided on Pine’s website.
  2. Contact Pine at 724-458-6393 or to place an order.

Want to Learn More?

Visit our website or speak with one our specialists at 724-458-6393.

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