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Team Development for Pine Test Equipment

When the focus is to consistently provide exceptional technical service to  customers, we often forget about the developmental needs of us – the providers.  Pine Test Equipment has worked hard to foster a culture of team development and trust that transfers seamlessly to the customer. This culture isn’t something that just happens; it’s an intentional…

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Growing Business Outside Our Borders

Identifying and utilizing resources in any organization can be daunting especially when there is a lack of awareness or understanding of such resources.  Companies often find success when demonstrating open-mindedness and embracing change.  With communication and logistic advancements, many companies can easily export product outside the country’s borders.  But how exactly is this done?  Where…

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2016 AASHTO SOM Meeting

Todd Arnold, Division Manager, will attend the AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials Meeting July 31-August 4.  The Subcommittee is responsible for the development of materials and test standards utilized by all of AASHTO member departments.  Todd Arnold along with materials engineers and technical experts from member departments work for consensus on these important documents.  Industry and academia participation…

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Enhancing Customer Service & Communication

In today’s digital times, companies have been communicating less through trade-shows, print ads, and expensive marketing collateral and more through social media, email campaigns, and website traffic.  Quickly getting information to the customer with as few resources as possible has been the name of the game.  This trend has motivated companies to change-up their marketing…

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City of Los Angeles Develops Accelerated Rutting Test Method

Dave Savage, Director of Marketing for Pine Test Equipment and Amy Weller, Pine’s Communication & Media Manager visited the working asphalt testing lab in the City of Los Angeles.  The impressive state-of-the-art testing lab run by the City’s Pavement Preservation Department supports 28,000 lane miles across the City of LA.  The department paves 2400 lane miles…

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Pine 125X Electronic Control System Upgrade

You have a Pine 125X.  You LOVE your Pine 125X.  But after many years of faithful service you find that electronic repair parts are no longer available, rendering your 125X obsolete.   It looks like it’s the end of the road for your trusty old friend.  It’s brain-dead and the time has come to pull the…

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