Pine’s Limited Warranty does not cover damage during shipping.  Therefore, Pine strongly recommends protecting your financial interests by performing a complete visual inspection of a machine before signing for its receipt.  Carriers take the position that a signed bill of lading without written comments noting damage means the shipment arrived undamaged.  Carriers assume that any visibly apparent damage identified at a later time was caused by the Buyer. 

Visual Inspection
Uncrating G2
Uncrating GB1

Procedure to properly receive a shipment.

  1. Visually inspect the machine on the truck in its packaged state.
  2. If no visual damage to packaging, unload machine and sign bill of lading.
  3. If visual damage to packaging, take pictures, remove damaged packaging, and inspect machine for damage.
  4. If no apparent damage to machine, take pictures, describe damage on bill of lading, unload delivery, and sign bill of lading.
  5. If damage to machine, REJECT the delivery and take pictures.  DO NOT SIGN THE BILL OF LADING.

It is recommended that machines are unpacked and exercised as soon as practical.