Shipment Receiving Instructions

Pine Test Equipment, Inc.

Effective April 16, 2019


Pine’s Limited Warranty does not cover damage during shipping.  Therefore, Pine strongly recommends protecting your financial interests by performing a complete visual inspection of a machine before signing for its receipt.  Carriers take the position that a signed bill of lading without written comments noting damage means the shipment arrived undamaged.  Carriers assume that any visibly apparent damage identified at a later time was caused by the Buyer. 


Pine recommends the Buyer use the following procedure to properly receive a shipment.

  • Visually inspect the machine on the truck in its packaged state.

See pictures of a new AFGB1 ready to be loaded for shipment here.

See pictures of a new AFG2 ready to be loaded for shipment here. 


  • If there is no visual damage to the packaging, unload the machine and sign the bill of lading.

  • If there is visual damage to the packaging, take pictures and then remove the damaged packaging and inspect the machine for damage.

  • If there is apparent damage to the machine, take pictures, describe the visible damage in writing on the bill of lading, unload the delivery, and sign the bill of lading.

  • If there is damage to the machine, REJECT the delivery and take pictures.  DO NOT SIGN THE BILL OF LADING.

  • Please contact Pine at 724-458-6393 if your shipment experiences damage. 

 Pine also recommends unpacking and exercising the machine as soon as practical.  A hard copy of the user manual comes with every new unit.  Contact Technical Support at 724.458.6393 or with any questions. 


Verifying calibration and compacting rags or similar material in a room temperature mold is a fast and easy way to ensure the machine has safely made the trip from our door to your door.  While AASHTO and some DOTs do not require verifying calibration of a new machine, ASTM D6925-15 Section 6.3 specifies that a compactor should have its calibration verified any time it has been transported to a new location.

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