Printing Pine G2 Data from Specimen Compaction

“I need the data off of my G2 gyratory compactor.  Can you help me understand what data is saved and how it can be retrieved?”

Of course we can help you.

We provide a complete explanation over a 3-part series of blog posts on how the Pine G2 Superpave gyratory compactor handles data.

The first article presents the basics—the data saved, the number of files saved, the file naming convention, and file formats.

This second blog explains printing Pine G2 data.

The third post describes saving Pine G2 data.

Menu Navigation

Navigate the G2 menu system using the four buttons located immediately beneath the display.  Pressing the arrow head button (far left) selects the desired line in a menu.  Toggle between options by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons.  Finally, access submenus or save selections by pressing the far right button (Enter).

G2 Control Box

Setting the Printout Format

G2’s print three report formats–Narrow, Wide Brief, and Wide-Full.

Printing Pine G2 Data - Narrow Report Format

Narrow Report Format.

Wide-Brief Report Format

Wide-Brief Report Format.

G2 Wide-Full File Format

Wide-Full Report Format.

Follow the instructions below to set the report format type for printing.

  1. Select TEST DATA in the second screen of the Main Menu.G2 Main Menu Screen 1
  2. Press the ENTER button.G2 Setup Calibrate Submenu - Machine Setup
  3. Select Machine Setup.
  4. Press the ENTER button.G2 Machine Setup Submenu Screen 1
  5. Navigate to Printer Setup in the second screen of the Machine Setup submenu.G2 Machine Setup Submenu Screen 2 - Printer Setup
  6. Press the ENTER buttonNote that the Status line on the Printer screen indicates whether a printer is detected.  In this case, no printer is detected. G2 Printer Setup Submenu - Report Style
  7. Select Report Style.
  8. Press the ENTER button.  In this case, the machine is currently set to print the Narrow format report.G2 Report Style - Narrow
  9. Change the style of the report that will be printed to Wide-Brief or Wide-Full by pressing the “+” or “-“ button to toggle to the desired format.
  10. Press the ENTER button to save the selected report style and exit.

PCL-Printer Required

Only a PCL-compatible printer will work with a G2.  Industrial computers run gyratory compactors and they do not have the Windows drivers required to use any printer you desire.   Contact Pine for a printer.

Printing Pine G2 Data Directly

To print reports directly from a G2, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Select TEST DATA in the second screen of the Main Menu.Printing Pine G2 Data - Main Menu Screen 1Printing Pine G2 Data - Main Menu Screen 2 - Test Data
  2. Select Print Report in the TEST DATA submenu.Printing Pine G2 Data - Test Data Submenu - Print Report
  3. Press the ENTER button.Printing Pine G2 Data - Data Files Screen
  4. Navigate to the desired file.  It’s worth noting that the machine stores 20 files, but only displays them four at a time.  To navigate through the entire list of saved files, you will continue to press Select.
  5. Press the ENTER button.  The first line indicates that the Narrow style report will be printed.  The printed report style can be changed here if a different style is desired.  Select Style.  Press ENTER.  Use “+” or “-” to select the desired format.  Then, press the ENTER button. Printing Pine G2 Data - Print Report Submenu - Style
  6. Select Print.Printing Pine G2 Data - Print Report Submenu - Print
  7. Ensure the printer is connected and turned on.
  8. Press the ENTER button.Printing Pine G2 Data - Print Report Submenu - Return to Data List
  9. To print another set of data, select Return to Data List.
  10. Press the ENTER button.
  11. Go back to Step #4 above.
  12. To exit, select Exit.G2 Print Report Submenu - Exit
  13. Press the ENTER button.

Print Pine G2 Data from a Networked Computer

Yes, G2’s print via networked computers as well.  Refer to the previous blog for connecting a G2 to a computer via a network.

Pine provides an Excel workbook for installation on a networked computer.  The workbook retrieves the desired data file from a G2 and prints it to a printer on the network.

Learn more about this approach to printing by contacting Pine at 724-458-6393 or

Want to Learn More?

Read the first article that presents the basics—the data saved, the number of files saved, the file naming convention, and file formats.

Review the third blog on saving Pine G2 data.

Do you have a Pine GB1?  Take a look at a set of articles on the Pine GB1 data-the basics, printing, and saving.

Visit our website or speak with one of our specialists at 724-458-6393.

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